5 Common Causes of Chronic Lower Back Pain that You Should Avoid

Causes of Lower Back Pain

5 Common Causes of Chronic Lower Back Pain that You Should Avoid:

The rise in the lower back related issues has increased like never over the past few years. The excruciating pain in the back because of herniated discs or fatigue can sometimes become unbearable. Most of the people end up spending months of physiotherapy and long visits to their doctors in the hopes of finding a cure, but all they get is assurance and a couple of painkillers for temporary relief.

While the medical treatment of a backache is necessary, there are some things that you better avoid for improved healing of your back. Here we are listing the 5 Common Causes of Chronic Lower Back Pain that You Should Avoid.

1. Poor Posture: The primary cause of Back Pain

The most common culprit for having a bad spine condition is the posture. We are never conscious of our body positions and not realize that we have been straining ourselves. Watching television while laying in the bed or slouching while working on our desks regularly for years can cause disc bulge, or worse, a herniation.
If working long hours on your table is something that you can’t avoid, then make sure to take breaks and stretch your body. It will also be a good investment to buy a chair online that is comfortable for your back, where you can rest it.

2. Pushing Your Body Too Much

It is your body, not a machine. Working hard is okay but straining your body too much can be bad for your back health. A lot of people end up slipping their disc by trying to pull too much weight in the gym. The problem of slipped discs might not just happen at once, but the gradual wearing of your body over the years can cause such issues too. Does that mean you avoid working out? No.

The best way of not harming your back and still be able to do hardcore workouts is by doing it under the supervision of a trainer. A qualified coach or a trainer might be able to pick out your wrong postures and practices while lifting weights to correct you. Giving yourself adequate body rest can also help you avoid back issues. Buy mattress online that isn’t too hard or soft for your back and use it for better back health. Sleeping comprises a significant part of your life and hence, it is essential that you get the right sleep. It is also crucial that you buy a bed which is comfortable for your back as it may also decide how your back is positioned while sleeping every night.

3. Injuries in back

A lot of time it is the injuries in our back that lead to discs problem. It is often seen that people get their spine out of shape due to falling impacts on the back or sometimes even a sports injury. Sometimes we don’t treat our small injuries with caution and what may be a little slip while walking on stairs, might have a poor impact if not managed properly. If one happens to receive an injury, especially around their back region, then they must get it adequately checked instead of relying on home remedies.

4. Wrong Diet

You must watch your diet as it may affect your back too. People with a high amount of uric acid level in their blood are known to have backaches frequently. Not just the uric acid, even the weight alone might be a reason for chronic back pain if it is on the higher side. Keep your diet in check and make sure to keep yourself hydrated too.

5. Old Age

It is often seen that by the time we grow to the age of 50 or above, the disc in the region of L4-L5 starts bulging. Bulging discs aren’t always the problem unless they impinge a nerve and compress it. Compressed nerves may lead to sciatica and other back related issues. The best way to not come across it is only by preventing it. Try to mostly be in a correct posture and have the right eating practices. Give your back proper rest and position even while you are not doing anything physical.

So, these are the 5 Common Causes of Chronic Lower Back pain that You Should Avoid for a healthy back. Avoiding these causes can help you ease down the pain in your back if you are already facing it. If the chronic pain in the back is something that bothers you, then make sure to seek medical and physiotherapy help for improved functioning of your back.

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