Refrigerator Buying Guide: 5 Tips to choose the best refrigerator for your home

Refrigerator buying guide - Buy the best fridge

With the temperature at its peak this summer, the demand for good quality refrigerators has shot up. Just like the summer of every year, people are looking to upgrade their refrigerators by choosing the ones with better efficiency, improved capacity, and power saving qualities. The electronics market is filled with various refrigerators, and it often confuses the consumers when trying to decide which refrigerator they should buy from a long list of products. To clear all the confusion and to help you decide which product is best for you, we have created a quick guide to purchasing refrigerators that you can use to make your purchase. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1. Explore the Types of Refrigerators

Refrigerators are classified in many ways, but for the sake of buying, let us divide them as Direct Cooling and Frost-Free Refrigerators.

– Direct Cooling Refrigerators

Manual Defrosting type of refrigerators come with a single door, and the freezer is inside the fridge. These types of Refrigerators often accumulate the frost which must be removed manually. Direct cooling refrigerators are generally lower in price compared to frost-free refrigerators.

Recommended single door fridge: Whirlpool 185L Refrigerator with a 5-star energy efficiency rating

– Frost Free Refrigerators

The frost-free refrigerators have more than one door, and the freezer is separated from the rest of compartments. These kinds of refrigerators have an automatic system which prevents the formation of frost.

If manually removing the frost is much work for you, then it is better to choose a frost-free refrigerator. As mentioned, the price of direct cooling refrigerators is lower than that of frost-free refrigerators, so depending on what fits your budget, go for the suitable option.

2. Choose the Capacity of Fridge

You can find the Refrigerators of different capacity based on how many family members you have. For a family of 4-5 members, a refrigerator with 300L capacity is sufficient. You can always choose a higher capacity refrigerator based on your comfort and usage.

300L+ Recommended Product: Samsung 321L 4-star refrigerator

The size of the family is an essential factor in choosing the capacity, if you have lots of guests coming over frequently, then it may sometimes feel that the size of the fridge should be bigger. It is suggested to go for an option that is little higher than your demand. Do also ensure that the dimensions of the refrigerator fit your kitchen.

3. Consider the Usage

If you are going to store many vegetables in your fridge, then a single door fridge is a big NO! Look for double door refrigerators with a smaller freezer if your food mostly comprises of vegetables. In case your food contains a lot of meat and fish, then having a bigger freezer is best suited for you.

Not sure what is your usage? Some refrigerators have even an option to convert the freezer as the storage compartment. Side to side door fridge is also a good option for better storage.

4. Power consumption

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates various refrigerators based on the efficiency. If you do not want your fridge to cost high in the extended run, then go for a fridge with 5-star BEE rating. There are also refrigerators with inverter technology, and they are up to 30% more efficient than the common refrigerators in the market.

Only the single door and double door fridges are rated within 5-stars. Aside to side or other types of the refrigerators do not have such ratings.

Efficient Refrigerator recommendation: Samsung 321L 4-star fridge

5. Durability and After-Sale Service

Going for a reputed brand for durability is the safest step you can take to purchase a refrigerator. Apart from buying a product of a brand like Samsung or Whirlpool, also make sure if the manufacturer or seller are providing you with a quality after sale warranty in your region.

If you want to rely on the local services for repairing of your refrigerator after the warranty time, then it is better to go for popular options as their spare parts are readily available in the local market.

So, this ends our quick guide to buy the right refrigerator for you. Make sure to tick every checkbox that you make from this guide. If you are looking for cool deals on refrigerators, then do explore the offers on the wide variety of refrigerators on Facsokart. Check out our other posts for more insight on electronics shopping.

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