Factory Seconds

What are Factory Seconds and Should you buy Factory Second Products?

Factory Second Products / Factory Seconds

As online shopping is growing at a rate of knots, users come across different types of products and offerings. If you are someone who shops a lot online, there are chances that you’ve come across products labeled as seconds or factory seconds. But, what are these factory seconds products? Read further, as we tell you Everything that You Need to Know About Factory Seconds and why buying them is better than any deal that you can come across on the internet.

What are Factory Seconds?

Factory Seconds (or seconds) are the products that may have been unboxed before or found to have negligible appearance imperfections, despite them being in a seamlessly working condition. Even these minor faults are fixed by the manufacturers, and the products are kept available for sale for the customers looking for cheaper options. A majority of factory seconds are the products that may have been used as a display piece in showrooms; while products sent back within 4-5 days of product return window also form a significant chunk of seconds.

Are Factory Seconds Defective? Are They Safe to Use?

Factory seconds are as safe as any packaged product that you have ever bought. Like the brand-new products, the seconds are also ensured to serve the customer with the best experience while using them. The products on Facsokart, for instance, go through a numerous stringent test to ensure the utmost quality. The dealers of such products provide the product quality-check, along with the buy-back policies. A hassle-free yearly warranty, along with a return window is something that the company also offers so that one can buy the products without any second thoughts.

About the safety of products, the factory seconds only get sold at a lower price because of cosmetic differences in the past, or because they have been unboxed before. The Facso Untouched products even take out the ‘previously-used’ question out of the window, as the company offers the products in this category that have never been used before by anyone.

Who Should Buy the Factory Seconds?

If you are searching for a quality product and trying to save money at the same time, then Factory Seconds are the way to go. Appliances like Washing machines with slight blemishes are the products with which people don’t mind appearance differences. With this minor trade-off, you can get significant price-cuts on top washing machines of your choice, helping you save big on money. Facsokart has some amazing deals on washing machines which you can check out.
Other than the appearance, the functionality of the product is as good as any packaged one. The customers get quality assurance and yearly warranty too. So, seconds are just a way to save money on products without making any compromise on the quality and warranty service.
Apart from the electric appliances, it is also an excellent option to buy factory second furniture at a meagre price. Furniture are the kind of products that are often used as display units, and when they are up for sale as factory seconds, they provide an excellent value for the money they are priced at. Also, you can find offers on dining tables and other furniture at an unbeatable price if you go for factory seconds.

So, this is Everything that You Need to Know About Factory Seconds. If you are looking to buy factory seconds products with the best of quality, then check out the wide variety of offerings by Facsokart. Read our other posts to keep up with latest trends in shopping and for the best deals in Delhi NCR.

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